Before coming to ProVoice, I had limited range, vocal stamina, and cracking due to vocal fold cysts. The evaluation and therapy were wonderful. I learned a lot about how my voice is designed and how to properly train. The therapy was actually fun and really helped me build my voice back up after surgery. I would definitely recommend ProVoice for others with vocal health needs.
— Kathryn L., Singer
When I first came, I was dehydrated, my vocal folds didn’t close all of the way and I could feel a scratchiness in my throat. The ProVoice Center really reached out to me as a singer and helped me get comfortable with my voice and throat. The staff here is incredible and beyond helpful. Erin Donahue was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Since Erin is a singer as well, I could relate to what she had to say. The therapy was super effective! I could hear improvements just after the second week of therapy. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work to help me. You gave me confidence in my voice again and I feel incredible! I would be happy to recommend your center to everyone.
— Brandon L., Singer
My primary objective was to stop throat clearing. I achieved this with Erin’s high clarity and direction. My secondary objective was to strengthen my voice/eliminate or reduce vocal fatigue when talking for long periods. I feel very good about progress and results. Erin is friendly, professional, smart, and runs her practice on time. She delivered exactly what I needed!
— D. V., Research and Development Director
I have absolutely enjoyed every aspect of my experience at ProVoice. I always left informed, encouraged, and ready to do what was needed to get my voice back. I am particularly excited about the laryngeal massage and myofascial release. We achieved great results much faster, with lasting results this time than any time previous to now. It has not only impacted my voice, also my jaw. My entire head and neck has benefitted. I love Dr. LeBorgne! She’s encouraging, informative, helpful, professional, and just enjoyable to be around! I have reached all of my goals. I am so grateful and excited!
— Vanessa L., Singer
My experience at ProVoice was pleasant. I kept losing my voice; often my voice was very hoarse. I was very skeptical on my first visit about voice therapy helping me. My evaluation was very informative and helped me understand why I kept losing my voice. It became apparent that ProVoice knew what they were doing, so I trusted they would help me regain my voice. Erin was delightful to have as a therapist. She was always very upbeat and positive during my visits. Erin walked me through various exercises to do with my vocal cords to strengthen them. When they were strong enough, Erin taught me how to talk without irritating my vocal cords. I have not lost my voice since finishing my therapy at ProVoice! The service was great, better than anywhere else I have been for therapy or medical treatment.
— Nina, Engineer
When I first came in I sounded awful. It took a lot of energy just to say simple things. Now my voice is back to normal. Since I love to sing, this [voice therapy] was much more fun [than other medical services in the past]. Erin was always pleasant and encouraging! I always looked forward to coming in! Voice therapy helped tremendously! The entire experience was great.
— Elizabeth C.