Laryngeal Massage

Facilitate reduction and elimination of tension in the laryngeal muscles.

Laryngeal Massage

Myofascial Release

Excessive muscle tension in any part of the vocal mechanism can result in hoarseness, throat pain/discomfort, and possibly contribute to upper airway issues. Laryngeal massage and myofascial release are used to supplement other aspects of voice therapy. Laryngeal massage is a manual technique to facilitate reduction and elimination of tension in the laryngeal muscles to permit normal movement and vibration of the vocal folds and maximize vocal fold opening for breathing. Myofascial release a is gentle type of massage targeted to release tissue restrictions in the neck, back, chest, and abdominals. Eliminating the restrictions in these areas permits the vocal folds to move and vibrate normally, enhances the resonance of the voice, and improves vocal fold mobility for breathing and voice.