Dysphagia Therapy

Working to reverse damage to the swallowing muscles due to illness or injury.


Dysphagia (Swallowing) Therapy

Being able to enjoy a meal with family and friends is a big part of most cultures. For those that have experienced damage to the swallowing muscles due to illness or injury, this experience is no longer taken for granted. Dysphagia, or difficult swallowing, occurs with a breakdown in the complex coordination of muscle contractions between the mouth, tongue, throat and esophagus. Symptoms of dysphagia may include painful swallowing, sensation of food sticking, and/or intermittent choking on saliva, foods, or drinks, all of which impact day to day function. Dysphagia is diagnosed with a clinical dysphagia evaluation or instrumental swallow evaluation, FEES or MBS study. Your evaluation will reveal what swallowing muscles are not working optimally. Dysphagia therapy at Provoice Center is provided by one of our swallowing experts who will instruct you on an individualized program. We apply muscle physiology principals, teaching you exercises and new swallow patterns that you practice at home. Most patients require 6 to 8 thirty-minute to one-hour sessions over the course of a few months. Your individual plan may vary.