Structural Changes in Vocal Fold : Bowing


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Vocal fold bowing is a condition that develops secondary to muscle wasting (atrophy) of the thyroarytenoid muscle. Vocal fold bowing is most frequently seen in the aged population, and is generally thought to be part of the normal aging process. It may also be referred to as presbylarynges. When vocal folds are bowed, they do not close completely as they should, create a spindle-shaped glottic closure configuration. The voice of a person with bowed vocal folds may be breathy and weak. This condition may also be seen with a paralyzed vocal fold.

Bowing resultant from age-related changes and muscle weakness is typically treated with voice therapy designed to re-strengthen and re-balance the laryngeal musculature. Occasionally, a substance is injected into one or both vocal folds to increase tissue mass and improve glottic closure.

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