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The Professional Voice Center of Greater Cincinnati (ProVoice) is a division of The ENT Group and is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of clinical voice disorders and understanding of the processes of voice production. Established in 1984, ProVoice was one of the first clinical voice laboratories in the United States to offer instrumental assessment as part of a comprehensive examination of voice disorders ranging from mild hoarseness caused by voice misuse to potential cancers.

Instrumental assessment of voice, known as Laryngeal Function Studies, provides the means to analyze voice disorders objectively by measuring components of voice quality such as pitch, loudness, and the degree of hoarseness. The vocal folds may also be viewed in action providing physicians and voice pathologists with additional important information. This information aids in planning the type of treatment that patients will receive. Since it’s inception, ProVoice has developed an international reputation as a center of excellence for voice care, voice research, and educational opportunities.

The clinical and research voice laboratory provides a center for evaluation and treatment for individuals with voice problems as well as a center for original research in the areas of normal and abnormal voice production and treatment efficacy. In addition, ProVoice is dedicated to educating the public and related professionals in the areas of vocal health and management.

It is the mission of ProVoice Center to:

  • Provide effective and efficient patient care 
  • Enhance the understanding of voice through meaningful research
  • Share knowledge of voice through educational programs

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About Our Team

Meet the ProVoice Voice Care Team by accessing each of our bios and CV’s. We know that you have choices when it comes to health care and we take pride in providing each patient the best experience from your initial contact to discharge visit. With over 45 years of combined clinical voice experience Dr. LeBorgne, Dr. Gorman, and Erin Donahue have the knowledge, skills, and state-of-the-art equipment to meet all voice and swallowing needs. We look forward to addressing your voice concerns and getting you vocally healthy!

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